Faith In Action ‘Allowing Inner-ness’

john grace

The Bible is a manual intended to help us discover the true purpose of life and to grow in it. There is an expression have a heart. Well we all have hearts otherwise our bodies would not function.

The Salvation message is a message about inviting Our Lord and Our Friend into our hearts. It is from our hearts which is not referring to our bodily organ, it is referring to a deep place within us.

From our hearts, that inner us, which we were created with, for God’s Spirit to dwell. From our hearts that deep inner-ness, is where, our lives flows. What is in the center of us, reflects on the outside.

There is a song, ‘With Christ in my vessel, I can smile at the storm’. With The Spirit of God in side us, in the central part of our lives, we can smile through anything that comes our way.

It is from this deep inner-ness, we open ourselves up, the story of our life flows. If The Spirit of God is not in there, what really flows from our lives’

We are designed to relate, and when our relating comes from this healthy heart inner-ness where Our Lord and Our Friend resides in our lives, our relationship should be loving and other centered. We reflect the Trinity of God in Whose image we are created.

Perhaps there are times in our lives, we need to cry out to Our Holy Resident, to help with the operation of our inner-ness, like King David did in Psalm 51 v 10:

“Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me” {KJV}

Psalm 139 celebrates the fact that God is present wherever David goes, or even imagine going. We can be comforted as David was, by the presence of God. As we look around us, do we consciously think about the Lord being there, right where we are? Why not pause right now to thank Him for His ever-watchful care and concern.

We were created for eternity, and our heart our inner-ness, will need to be tuned many times along the way. Sometimes He may prompt us, but it should be up to us, to make sure our Guest always feels welcome, in our inner-ness.

God Bless.


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