The Logos Word


We have used this word in our writings , it is a unique title that The Apostle john uses in his writing to refer to Jesus, is the Greek word “Logos’. Logos is word and is mentioned in Revelation and one of these references is Revelation 19 verse13. John didn’t just use ‘the Word’ to describe Jesus, he was also probably trying to intrigue both Jew and Gentile readers.

They would have been aware of the term as being central to their religions or philosophizes views and synonymous with, the ultimate deity.

The word Logos was used long before John used it, early Greek writers use it. One of these and probably the earliest “HERACLITES” , who proposed the behind the universe, which was continuously changing, there existed an abiding, eternal principle, a creative force, which he himself refereed to as ‘The Logos’.

The Logos acted as an inanimate power which controlled the universe.

Greeks referred to it as too the Gentiles. The Jews also used the term ‘Logos’, but in their writings ‘Logos’ referred to the verbal and written word of God {Their Torah} with reference  to it’s capacity to save, {Palms  107 verse 20}; Isaiah 4 verse 8; Ezekiel 32 verse 4 and 5; Create Genesis 1 verse 3 and 6 verse 9, Psalms 33 verse 6 to 9, Heal, Psalm 107 verse 20sustain, Psalms 147 verse 15 to 18; perform God’s will, Isaiah 55 verse 11.

John used the word ‘Logos’ to create interest with all his readers, this was to captivate their attention, which enable him to elevate Jesus to the position of prominence in their minds.

John Also reveals he has met “The Logos” and become a Child of God, barbecue of this meeting, and had transformed his life.

John presents witness to Jesus and Portrays Jesus as the unique, authentic and authoritative one who perfectly reflects God because He is fully devine

This might seem a hard reflection to understand, John was was writing to the people who understand the word “Logos’, to tell them he had found the ‘Logos’ {In Christ Jesus} to fulfill all their teachings.

Today people believe there is  something that holds the universe together and today people have a hope there is a God that can help them.

Take the time today to find “The Logos’ that people have believed in for centuries. The Logos is Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}. Discover more about how awesome He is and how much He loves each one of us. He is the Past, the Present and The Future, and with Him we all have a wonderful eternal destiny.

God Bless.

O F J.

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