When God made everything He aid it was good. When God created everything He also allowed free choice, if He didn’t His Creation would have been robotic, unable to think for themselves.

God created us for relationship with Him and He needed His creation to have the choice to walk in a relationship with him.  His creation was given a beautiful place to live, probably something we all dream about, a place the world would call ‘Eutopier’.

God by giving His Creation free choice. He would also need to give them something to choice between. In the Garden of Eden, He placed two trees, the tree of Life, and the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

God left simple instructions, and he told His creations Adam and Eve, not to eat of the tree of Knowledge of Good and evil, or they would die.

The choice was to trust God that He knew the best for them, or to be inquisitive and defy God and eat of the forbidden trees fruit.

God made both trees, so being true to His word and Himself, God also needed to have consequences for those choices. The consequences of choosing to commune with God and All Who He is, and not to partake the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, was a life living in companionship with God {Our Lord and Our Friend], in the wonderful place He created for His creation to live.

The consequence of choosing to eat of the tree, God told them not to eat of, is separation from His Companionship, and separation from the special pale He made for them to live.

His creation choose to eat of the tree which fruit, gave them their independence from God. Independence of His Love, His Trust and His Care.

Adam and Eve were told to leave the place that God made fro them, to a place where they need to fend fro themselves.

The whole of creations plan had changed and now the consequences of their choose, came into effect.

God had an ultimate plan always in place, that He would one day, Himself would pay the price for His creations rebellion, and that one day we would again would have the choice to walk in fellowship with Him.

Part of His plan He made clothes for Adam and Eve from the skins of animals before they left the Garden of Eden, this was a temporary covering through the shed of blood of the animals for that clothing.

The ultimate plan of Redemption by God paying the price involved Jesus  His OWN Son dying on the cross, for all the Sins ever committed against God.

Jesus Who was and is God, came down from His Throne to be one of us to pay to price for the consequences of sin.

Now we have a consequential choice again, to accept the Salvation offered by Our Lord and Our Friend by dying in our place,{ because we were all born into sin} or to carry on as if God doesn’t really exist under the burden of sin we were all born into

Jesus rose again from His earthly body, to Resurrection Life, and this is a life that is now available to us all, because of what Jesus achieved on the cross.

We now have both choices back, either to Trust God and accept to  walk in fellowship with in, or to walk in the world that is fallen because of bad choices to leave out God. The latter has a far reaching choice of eternal separation from God.

We all have choices everyday, but walking in fellowship with Our Lord and Our Friend, we have All of Who He is,To Love , Guide and Help us.

There are always consequences from any action or decision we make, if we chose God, we have the assurance of a great Eternal destiny.

God Bless.

O F J.

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