Saved By Grace


Psalm 139 in some Bible has a subtitle, ‘The All-knowing, Ever-present God”.

In the Psalm we have deep devotion to God in verses 1 to 18 and 23 to 24, but then in verse 19 to 22 we find deep hatred. This is why verses 1 to 18 often get used on their own, But this is all one Psalm, so we need to look at, how is it possible to move from such devotion to such hatred.

The word ‘hatred’ these days, seems to be be a word, people are scared to use.  Particularly Christians, there is the concept we must not hate. We are created in the image of God, to walk  in fellowship with Him. But there are things that God hates, things we do that separate us from walking with Him. Things that He calls sin {wrong-doings against God}. So we must hate these things too, because they effect our fellowship with God.

The Old Testament Prophets rebuked God’s people, because their devotion was not accompanied by a hatred of evil. Real devotion to God will express itself in a loathing of wickedness. Psalm 139, does seem to have specific wicked people in mind, it is talking of wicked people in general. It is not talking about our personal enemies, but about God’s

We need to detest the things that effect our relationship walk with God. We need to detest the same things in other people lives, without hating the people, because the practice of these things, will keep them and us from knowing, the plans and loving purposes Our Creator God has for us all.

God is Omnipresent {Ever Present} and Omniscient {All Knowing}, knows all about us {verse 1 to 6}, can reach  us anywhere {verses 7 to 12} The Psalm itself implies throughout that it is both wonderful and solemn thing; we cannot get away from God. But because He is Who He is, what could be suffocating is really something quite liberating, if we are committed to what is right and just, and remain at odds with evil.

Psalm 139 has a great finish, which is a great daily prayer for each of us:

V23: “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns”.

V24: “See if there is any offensive way in me; lead me in the everlasting way”.

We are all sinners saved by Grace, we should never hate other people who are held in their sins, we should hate the sin that holds them back.

God Bless.


3 responses to “Saved By Grace

  1. You write “The Old Testament Prophets rebuked God’s people, because their devotion was not accompanied by a hatred of evil.” and continue with “Real devotion to God will express itself in a loathing of wickedness.” What do you mean by that? God does not like at all to have us filled with hatred. Real devotion is a devotion with a heart that is free from hatred and evil.

    • God hates sin, sin separates us from God. This is a Davidic Psalm. David affirms his complete loyalty to the Lord and His cause, The Psalmist hate was not a violent, self-centered attitude, it referred to a complete rejection and detestation of the ways of those who disregard God. The Psalmist could not be loyal to God and still associate with the things that separate us from Him. So the hate is for the things that God calls ‘Sin’. which God knows is no good for our lives. Proverbs 8 verse 13: “To fear The Lord is to hate evil, I hate arrogant pride, evil conduct, and perverse speech”. We hate the sin but not the sinner, because after all we are all sinner saved by Grace.

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