Knowing ‘yaw-dah’

yada: יָדַע (yaw-dah’) to know: verb

Could be a play on words, but to explain this. let’s start with: The past tense of Know is Knew.

The first scripture reference we will use as an example is Genesis 4 v 1: “Adam Knew his wife eve intimately”  and conception happened.

The intimacy of Knowledge, past the knowing, to having known,_ Knew, brings conception into a new understanding of God.

The Hebrew word is ‘yada “yaw dah”: For a certainty, be sure of a surety – have understanding.{Hebrew from the Old Testament}

The Greek eloquent is probably: ‘Ginosjo’ {Ghin-oce’-ko}: to know absolutely. to be aware, feel, know, be sure to understand. {Greek from the New Testament}.

They both refer to an imitate knowledge. This is the knowledge we all can know God by.

This is a different knowledge than reading a newspaper as an example, to get more knowledge about Him. This is a knowledge that comes by spending time with Our Lord and Our Friend. To many people this has become apart of their lives, to know God more and to know more about him. After all we are all created in His image

We here at My Lord My Friend Ministries , pray for people, encourage people, and most of the time see the answers He provides. Sharing our faith has become the norm for us. We see somebody needing encouragement, we share with them. we pray with them; it is become second nature to us.

This is not from a position of knowing all, more from a position of growing more, in the intimacy He has for all of us. Any ‘whosoever’ {John 3 verse 16} can have a knowing about God, a knowing that allows us all, to call Him Our Lord and Our Friend.

We could write many things on this aspect of knowing, but we will finish with Mathew 7 verse 22 and 23:

V22 ” On that day many will say to Me {Jesus} Lord: Lord, didn’t we prophesy in Your Name, drive out demons in Your Name, and do many miracles in Your Name.”

V 23. “Then I will announce to them, ‘I never knew you! Depart from Me, you lawbreakers.”

There are two points here: !, The Name of Jesus is powerful, and if used can do great things. That is just using a Name with a powerful source, because you know it has the power to work.

2. The name of Jesus used with a knowings {An intimate knowing] is more powerful, because it is used out of the Relationship you have with The Creator God.

We have many acquaintances through life, don’t make Our Lord and Our Friend only an acquaintance. Let all have a personal relationship with Him, where we can keep learning from the joy of Knowing, more about Him.

Encourage anyone who hasn’t got one to get a concordance, look up the Hebrew, or Greek, for the word in English you are unsure of.

We are on a journey of Faith, do not settle, somewhere along the journey. The Journey of knowledge about God is never ending and the closer you walk with Him, the more you will be able to understand. -FROM THE JOY OF KNOWING MORE ABOUT HIM.

God Bless.

O F J.

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