Sunday Encouragement

If this is your day for rest, like us all you still need to be encouraged. Be encouraged today by this wonderful verse from: Psalm 23 Verse 1:

Psalm 23 Verse 1: “The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.

Every Christian, as well as a lot of people who claim not to be believers, recognize Psalm 23: “The Good Shepherd’:

A shepherd looks after a flock, and is particularly vigilant in looking after the flock he has in his care. The Lord is Our Shepherd, if we ask Him to be Our Lord, Our Savor, and Our Friend. Then we become part of His flock.

Verse 6; “Only goodness and faithful love will pursue me.”

and if we take a look at verse 6, from the Amplified Bible

“Surely or only goodness, mercy and unfailing love shall follow me”.

As we have seen some versions use ‘follow’, but it is more to the point to use the verb ‘pursue’. The Psalm is a Davidic Psalm, meaning it was written by King David, and in the original writing he used a proactive term meaning to chase.

Just as a sheep dog would chase the sheep, to make them go in the right way. we virtually have God’s sheep dog of Goodness, Faithful Love and Mercy, perusing us to keep us from harm.

The Good Shepherd, being God Himself, leads us, surrounds us and pursue us. There are many things we will go through in life, good time {green pastures}, bad times {the darkest valleys}, but His rod and His staff they are always there to comfort us.

And where is The Good Shepherd guiding us to, while protecting us and looking after us along the way, to eternal life in His presence. To keep us safe in Him. V6: And we will dwell in the House of the Lord forever”.

That is how much God love us, He leads us and pursues us, because we belong to Him.

Be Blessed today And Everyday,

From Your Friends At My Lord My Friend.Ministries

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