Insights Into Book Of ‘Acts’


Written by Luke. Luke shows how the Gospel spread rapidly from Jerusalem to the whole Roman Empire and through the gentile world.

Jesus has risen from the dead. God has broken the curse of sin and death, making it possible for the world to come back to Him. Now is the time, like the time we are in now, ‘Now Is The Time’. for the world to know about the God Who loves us all so much that He came to earth to rescue us.

Luke to write Acts it is a sequel to his Gospel of Luke, where he left off, after Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus stays with His followers in Jerusalem teaching them more about God and His Kingdom. On the 40th day after His resurrection, Jesus is taken up into heaven before their very eyes.

!0 days later, when about 120 of His followers are gathered in the upper room of a building, together tongues of fire descend on them. God had sent the Holy Spirit

Now Our Lord and Our Friend is within each of His followers, giving them power and wisdom. A new excitement and power of spreading of God’s love to the world begins.

Peter and the Apostles teach about Jesus maily to the Jewish people, until God gives Peter a vision for how His loving rescue is for all people..To help the Apostles in telling the Gentiles about His invitation to be apart of God’s family, God does a remarkable transformation on a passionate and brilliant man name Saul. Who changes his name to Paul.

The apostles spread out across the known world and share God’s love. Luke follows Paul on his missionary journeys as he teaches and plants churches.throughout Asia Minor and as far as Rome.

God inspires Paul to write letters to churches and then preserves the letters in what becomes the New Testament. God is fulfilling His promise that He loves the whole world. God is raising their dead hearts to life and moving into those hearts Himself.

Acts is about doing despite the cost.

God Bless.


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