Weekend Inspiration



This is a time in all our lives, when we should reconsider our actions and options. There is much stress unless you are super-organized. There is much sadness and sorrow of those who passed on but there are unfortunate periods where the world at Christmas has gone rather crazy in many ways of discord, danger, moral and degrading situations, where behavior increasingly goes off the tracks of decency. Relationships split, tempers flare, the pressure is on to perform others expectations, crime increases, drugs, dross and desperation drives people to unwarranted acts of violence. Christmas is for families isn’t it?

Even Nature is blending into chaos with heat destroying fires burning lives and possessions. Tides, rivers and ocean are taking away safe places to be. A New Zealand disaster of an eruption that blew and ate lives so quickly. How do we celebrate the Lord’s birth under such fearful circumstances and horrific instances of violations within the fervent forces of a loving God?

Is he shaking and waking us to a changing world? Is He challenging us, to ‘CARE’ more for our society, where today ‘anything goes’? Is he forcing us to return to reality where we must take back the responsibilities of a new world toward peace, to enforce control His way and for us to be accountable? The structure of a family returning to Christian beliefs is not so impossible is it? How much more of this unreality of out of control disasters must we endure? God will be honourable and hold up to us his integrity, his vast love and trusting truth, to his people until he has had enough of our wrong ways and hard hearts.

Think about it and Christmas blessings to each of you.


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