Breaking The Chains

Jesus has come to set us free.

John 8 Verse 32: “you know the truth, and the Truth will set you free”.

The enemy who sows weeds is the devil Matthew 13 Verse 39.

The truth will set you free but the weeds of Satan will destroy.

Weeds of Satan: Negative words-

You will never be good enough

Insults:  Why are you so stupid.

Rejection: You are not really wanted

Failure: You will fail don’t attempt that.

If we allow words like this to effect our lives, instead of the Word’s of life Our Lord and Our Friend has for us, we will become like the story of the elephant.

“A man is going through a circus and there is a big elephant. It is bound by a very small chain. The man asks the trainer how such a big animal is held by a small chain.The trainer replies,  ‘When the elephant is born, we take the same chain and put it on his ankle. It is strong enough then to hold him because he is a baby. As he grows, we continue to use the same chain. Now he is an adult elephant, which is much stronger than the chain. It is not the chain that binds him it is the memory of the chain’.”

Chains in our lives, that hold us, that should not. Isn’t it time to break the chains?

Any chain that holds us back, isn’t strong enough to hold us, if we know the truth that set us free.

Weeds of Satan, the one he ask Eve has God said, would not have become a chain of bondage for mankind, if she understood how much love God has for his creation.

Weeds of Satan, are easily broken, by The Word of God:

If: you know the Truth, and the Truth Will set you Free.

Time to break the chains that hold and deceive us.

God Bless.


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