Faith In Action ‘Defining Who we Are’

How do we define ourselves right now? Are we feeling sorry for ourselves, Are we feeling rejected, unlovable, or just put down?

Can you hear Our lord and Our Friend speaking life into right now? The woman needing to be healed form the Bible, who sought out to touch Jesus. Can you imagine the woman could hear people talking around her: they would have been shocked that she dares to touch Jesus? But it wasn’t the voices of others that mattered to her it was only the voice of God.

God is the one who sees how we define, we add conditions, ethics ourselves. So let us see ourselves the way that God sees us. and listen only to the voice of Our Lord and Our Fiend. not the murmurings of those around us.

God’s love for you has never changed, before time and the foundations of the world, God knew you, God loved you and just as with the woman, nothing has ever changed that.

Even before God made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be Holy and without fault in His eyes.

Looking again at the story, Jesus told the lady, “Your faith has healed you”. It was her faith, not touch.

She had faith to believe that simply a touch of His garment could heal her 12-year-old disease that made her unclean and socially rejected.

Too often we complicate the Gospel, steps and conditions that just make faith so much harder than it is. Now like this unnamed woman, the closer we get to Our Lord and Our Friend, the closer we get to realizing our true value and potential.

Allow ourselves to seek more and press in more to, Who He Is “The Christ’ and allow this to redefine our thoughts to who we really are.

God Bless. 


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