Faith In Action ‘Knowing The Leading’


Are we heavy with conviction or condemnation. Knowing the difference, to increase our faith.

Conviction is from the Holy Spirit. John 16 verse 8.

Condemnation is from the devil. 1 Timothy 3 verse 6.

The Holy spirit convicts, He is always very specific, to get us to work on the things that are holding us back, from an even fuller life in Christ.

Condemnation is generally makes us think we are not good enough.

Conviction leads us to do what is right. we can all do that. As we face ethical choices where ever we are, we can choose to stand for what is right. It may cost us, but Our Lord and our Friend, will give us the strength to deal with whatever consequences come our way. The cost of losing our integrity is infinitely greater than whatever it costs us to keep it.

Condemnation will bring doubt, that we are not good enough, which is kind of a trick to make us give up. We may be unworthy, but we are not worthless.

We have created by God in His Own image. Genesis 26 and 27. Which establishes our inherent worth and gives us dignity. The highlight of this is God so loved us that despite our rebellion and disbelief, He sent Jesus to  rescue us from sin and retrieve our humanity from corruption. And when we turn to Jesus for forgiveness of our wrong-doings {sin}. we become children of God and fellow heirs of Christ Glory.

Conviction as to not to tarnish, the work He has began in us to transform our lives. It more to keep us on track.

Condemnation is to stop us in our tracks, to destroy our walk with Our Lord and Our Friend and destroy our eternal destiny.

Don’t be fool, in the difference.

God Bless.


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