Life As An Offering

Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going to work and walking around life, and place it before Our Lord and Our Friend as an offering to Him.”

Romans 12 verse 1 and 2. Here is where real faith in action starts.

God doesn’t throw out the past and tell us to forget about it. He uses all the material, but rearranges it, and in His Hands it becomes new. Our life we are offering includes our whole self, the entire collection of feelings actions and ideas. Brain, nerves and instincts the way we think yes everything about us.

Worship is more that singing praise in church. It is an act we are all called to participate in all the time. As we participate we are changed. We present our entirety to Our Lord and Our Friend, so he can use us.

Either the world shapes us  or God {Our Lord and Our Friend]shapes us. Either we are conformed to the world or we are transformed by God {Our Lord and Our Friend}. Allowing ourselves to be transformed by the creator of the universe, will bring a complete new dimension to our lives.

The world will than want what we are and have in Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend]. Faith in Action will become part of our lives.

When I was driving taxis to support my family, I met an army officer Peter who had been on three tours of duty overseas and was back on compassionate leave, because his father was quite ill. We shared together he said he had faith, I gave Peter our ministry card “If it matters to you it matters to Him” {Our Lord and Our Friend}.

Peter broke down and said he was having trouble dealing with everything in his life, but said the message on the card was confirmation to him, there is a God that loves him, when he needed to be loved. We shared for a while longer until Peter left the taxi.

Always be willing to share your faith as well as witnessing to the unsaved world, you might be witnessing to a hurting brother or sister in the Lord.

God Bless.

O F J.

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