Let Us Be Sincere


We have many acquaintances through life but very few sincere friends. There are a lot of people who are truly sincere in their beliefs, but their beliefs are sheer folly. Have you ever heard people say things about God that are clearly not true. These untrue beliefs are excused by saying, we may be wrong, but a least we are sincere.

People can be sincere in their unbelief, but that doesn’t make God any less relevant. The Bible says that out of the mouth the heart speaks, but what have we allowed into our heart. This is not the bodily organ called the heart, it is the center of our being, the place reserved for our core values. It is the place God created in our life where He comes to live in our life, and a place we share our intimate life from.

Sincerity shouldn’t make truth inconsequential or inconvenient. Take an example from the Bible Job 42 verses 7 and 8 God’s word to Eliphaz, shows that God will not accept ‘folly’ or wrong thinking, about Himself, His nature and His character.

Job’s friend Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar were sincere, but they were sincerely wrong. Not totally wrong their speeches contained many accurate statements. A bit like the fish stories we all have heard or have told, the fish was that b-i-g. Yes a fish was caught but the size of the fish was to make us look good.

But what ever Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar misstatement was, their folly was unacceptable to God. God instructed them to have Job offer a sacrifice to atone for their sin of misrepresentation.

This is a lesson for all believers today. it cautions us to pay careful attention to what we believe about God, and how to represent Him to others.

We need to examine our beliefs in the light of His Word regularly, to be sincere.

Read Acts 17 verse 11.

Sincerity brings about a humbleness which will help us in areas of disagreement with others who are also committed to strong faith.

Sincerity is something the world truly needs, because we are the Salt and the Light we should also be known by our sincerity and our strong Faith in a God that loves us

God Bless.

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