Sunday Encouragement


If this is your day for rest, like us all you still need encouragement. Be encouraged today by this wonderful verse from Luke 24 verse 38.

Luke 24 verse 38:

“’Why are you troubled?’ He asked them, ‘And why do doubts arise in your hearts’.

Reading my beloved late wife Bible, and above this chapter of Luke she wrote the words,’Do you really believe what you believe’.

Jesus had just been crucified and had risen again. He appears to some of the disciples on the Emmas Road, and here he was appearing to all the rest of the disciples, who were waiting in Jerusalem.

Interestingly in verse 24 verse 36: Jesus was standing in their midst and said, ’Peace to you’.

The followers of Jesus had heard from Jesus Himself, He was going to die and rise again on the third day. They would have been a pretty close bunch of believers, but the questions in that place, where they were waiting, would have been very intense .

The disciples who had met Jesus on the Emmas Road, came back and told the others, they had seen Jesus alive. You can imagine in that room, the conversation to be more intense. It was in that instant that, Jesus came and stood with them and said, ‘Peace to you’.

Yes, Jesus died on the Cross. Yes, Jesus rose again, on the 3rd day, and maybe you have heard that message, that Jesus has risen, but in your life, there are many intense questions.

‘Peace to you’, the words of Christ Jesus, now the reality of the Gospel, is spoken by the Risen Lord. Next He says to us all, ‘Why are you troubled’.

The Gospel Message, which means Good News, doesn’t leave us bewilderingly waiting with unanswered questions, in some hidden room.

The Gospel Message, the Good News, Christ Jesus comes to live inside us, if we invite Him through repentance, for missing the mark of His purpose for our lives,

The Gospel Message, the Good news take up residence inside us, and He is saying to us all, “Your heart must not be troubled”. John 14 verse 1. There is a difference in knowing about Jesus, and knowing as The Risen Lord. The Risen Lord, gives us a peace, to face any troubles in life. Now that is something to really believe, and our lives will be transformed.
Be Blessed Today And Every Other Day.
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