Faith In Action ‘Humility And Service’

humility luke

Jesus used the occasion of the banquet {in Luke 7 to 14} to give insight into humility and services. Jesus addressed the guest regarding humility and He spoke to the host about serving others.

In those days the closer you sat to the host, the higher you stood in the social ladder, and the more attention you would receive from others. I sure in some people thinking that is the same today.

Naturally people rushed to the most important place to be seen. This kind of attitude betrays a false view of success.

Humility is a fundamental grace of a Christian life.and yet it is elusive. If we know we have it we have lost it! It is well said that humility is not thinking meaningly of ourselves. It is simply not thinking of ourselves at all. Our Lord and Our Friend is the greatest example of humility, and we would do well to ask the Holy Spirit to help and enable us to imitate that.

Our motives for serving others must be the praise of God, and not the applause of people. We must care more about our eternal destiny and not just the temporal recognition on earth.

We are important in God’s eyes that is why He sent His Son, to pay a price we could not pay. So that any ‘Whosoever’ can come into the understanding and relationship in Him, He has for us.

On the day of judgement, many who today are first in the eyes of men will be last in the eyes of God.

Humility is said to be bridled strength. It comes from knowing who you are in Him.

God Bless.


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