We Should Make Him Welcome

The greatest joy of the Christian is making Our Lord and Our Friend welcome in our lives. He has told us He will always be with us. Like in Bible days not all welcomed Him.

Luke 9 Verse 51: “But they didn’t welcome Him.”

In Jesus’ day Luke Chapter 9: we find Jesus traveling from one region to another with His disciples. The most direct route would lead them through some hostile country, so Jesus petitioned the people of the land to allow Him and His disciples free passage through.

The people of the land flatly rejected His request. The detour to this short cut would add days to the travel. Jesus’ followers became angry. The followers were not so concerned about the people rejecting Jesus’ request as they were with the delay this would put in their travel plans.

The inconvenience of the situation, the followers forgot the bigger picture they were in the presence of Jesus. Jesus did not try to change the people hearts that would not let them through their lands and He most likely wasn’t surprised by His Followers response, they were asking for punishment to be dished out because of the travel inconvenience.

In the presence of Our Lord, Our Redeemer, and Our Friend, what are we asking for those that cause us trouble?

Is the correct response, “Bless them Lord and open their eyes so they can see Who you really are and come to know You like we do as the Christ”.

Or is it these people are causing us trouble, “Lord just move them out the way.”

Do we turn our inconveniences, into a blessing or trouble?

Or do we answer them as Jesus would “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do”.

God Bless


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