Faith In Action ‘To Pray The Word’

To Pray the Word

 To pray the Word, what is meant? Is it a new thing or some new formula?

The Word of God is the only premise we have to stand upon to plead our cases.

When we ask God for souls, we are asking in accordance with His will, and He will answer us.

God is bound by His Own Word. It is impossible for God to lie, and God will perform His word.

He will not answer us because we pray much!

It not just prayer that God answers: it is a believing prayer.

Those who ask with a heart full of faith.

In 1 King 18; The story of Elijah, it was a contest between Elijah the Prophet of God and the prophets of Baal

Elijah full of faith in His God, even mocked the prophets of Baal during their offering dance before their god Baal. After the Prophets of Baal exhausted themselves, Elijah stepped up, full of Faith in God, and asked God to demonstrate His power. God answer Elijah request stunningly.

That was Elijah full of Faith, but like us all sometimes, our faith in Our God seems to waiver. When Queen Jezebel heard what happened, she put out a contract on Elijah. When the prophet who had been full of faith, and asked God to demonstrate by faith, without doubting what God could do, he feared.

From a Prophet full of faith to a prophet full of fear. When Elijah heard the angry queen’s word his heart sank, to the point where he thought he might as well be dead.

Elijah went into hiding, in a cave on Mount Sinai, even God had to ask, ‘what are you doing here Elijah’.

Even the best of the prophets went from faith to fear, Faith in a powerful God, to fear in wondering could God save Him

We need to keep ourselves, also in Faith in the completeness and power of God to answer our prayers {communication with Him}.

Maybe sometimes our prayers take a while to be answered and we request many times. Maybe God is waiting for us to process the faith in Him, always expecting something to happen without wavering.

God Bless.


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