From The Heart

God’s Provision Financial miracles

As Christmas is nearly upon us again this year, and most of us take some time out to rest and gather with family and/or friends to celebrate, remembering the birth of our Lord and Friend, Jesus Christ, I was pondering on the times in the past where the Lord has blessed me financially, sometimes miraculously – and a couple of times with 100 fold blessing.

The circumstances around the first blessing were that we were in a meeting and the prophet/preacher said he felt that there was going to be some unusual miracles in finances within the next 7-10 days.

When the offering was taken up, I said to my husband that I felt the Lord was impressing on me to give $100.00, to which he replied “God’s not telling me that but go ahead if that’s what you’re feeling”. I put in my offering and within the 10 day time frame, a client came into our business and laid $10,000.00 in cash on my husband’s desk – he said he was very grateful for advice and services, and as he had a windfall, wanted to pass on some of it. Wow.

This happened again in September 2011, when we had prophets visiting from USA and a similar word came from the pulpit. I had $20.00 left in my purse so I put that in. The next day a family member phoned and said they wanted to give us $2000.00. Again 100 fold return.

A third outstanding blessing in finance came to me when I sold my house in Cairns and was in the process of moving to Brisbane. Everything was hectic and I was running around with my sister, returning items and doing last minute errands before I caught the plane out the following afternoon, Christmas eve.

We were on our way to pick up the settlement cheque in another town when I got a call on my mobile from a number I didn’t recognize. The caller asked my name and also if I had lost some money. As it turned out, I had dropped a wallet with $600 which I was going to give to family for Christmas. I hadn’t even registered that it was missing. Long story short – the people who found it were 2 backpackers who were on holiday in Cairns. When we got to meet with them, they would take no money for reward even though I tried to earnestly insist.

As I recount these stories, I am reminded that Father God watches over His word – He is our Provider and “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. “ God’s rich blessings. Kath

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