Gems From Exodus


The Exodus, might just seem like a great story, but  God had a bigger purpose than just getting the people out of Egypt.

Exodus is preeminently the book of redemption in the Old Testament. It begins in the darkness and gloom, yet ends in Glory; it commences by telling how God came down in Grace to deliver an enslaved people, and ends by declaring how God came down in Glory to dwell in the midst of a redeemed people.

God explains His intentions in Exodus 6 verses 6 to 8;

1. Redemption {verse 6]

2, Covenant and Knowledge of God {verse 7}

3, Land {verse 8}

These four wonderful intentions can be traced through scripture, The exodus stands as a model or pattern of God’s answer to our human predicament. God desires our deliverance. God achieved His intentions, through what His Son did on the cross.

Through the cross He invites us into a covenant relationship with himself. Though Christ Jesus we can know God as He really is, and have our place among the people of God.

The Exodus is a great story of deliverance, that was a foreshadow, of what Our Lord and Our Friend, achieved for us on the cross, We would have redemption, We would be able to enter into a New Covenant with a Holy God. We would be able know more about our God, and how much He does love us. We would have a place to call home in His Kingdom.

God Bless.


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