His Banner Over Me Is Love

Lately, I had become aware that when I walk in the light of God’s love; life has a beauty regardless of what is going on around me. An inner contentment, a gladness without any form or reason. It’s a good place to be and very enjoyable, it is a place I haven’t always experienced. In this article I’m going to share how God answered me when I asked Him a question about ‘Awe.”

I remember singing a song in church “I stand in awe” I’m sure most of you will know the song, it was written by Martyn Layzell. As I was singing, I asked what did it mean to stand in awe? I can’t say my answer came in any familiar forms, no vision, or dreams, no one particular scripture verse, no impressions, none of the ways God had spoken to me over the years. So how did God speak and answer that question?

Years after asking that question, “What does it mean to be in awe of God?” I now have a reverence for God I never had. My heart is now surrendered knowing He is a Holy, and worthy of honour. His character cannot be compared, nor can His truth. I stand in awe of God as I participate in the new life received when Jesus took my hand and exchanged all my sorrows for joy, turned my darkness into light, gave me freedom from oppression, and liberty from destructive thoughts and beliefs that held me captive and robbed me of life.

The jewel I take from this adventure with Jesus is that contentment is easy to step into, even when life seems hidden and unattainable. As we grasp that we were chosen to be His child, that Jesus died for each one of us, it is impossible to do anything other than worship God and stand in awe of Him. How did God speak to me you ask? Jesus spoke by what he did for me at the cross. As the song states: God is “To marvelous for words. Too wonderful for comprehension. Who can fathom the depths of your love. Majesty, enthroned above.”

Love and Blessing


I believe John Newton also understood this truth, and stood in awe when he wrote the lyrics for “Amazing Grace.”

2 responses to “His Banner Over Me Is Love

  1. Love it! How amazing it is when we realise how Holy and majestic our God is – we cannot help but stand in awe of Him ❤

  2. I love this. It can be troubling when he doesn’t move as he did before to answer one of our questions. But he is never hiding, or at least that’s not how I experience it. He is always deepening our trust and dependence on Him if that’s what we want. And enabling us to stand firm in the midst of storms. Sometimes that means us standing on our own two feet and struggling for a bit before learning to walk.

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