Equipping The Saints – Witnessing With The Roman’s Road: Part 1


The only way into Heaven is through Jesus Christ. It’s made very clear and certain in the scriptures. Right along with the admission of sins. As a fundamental of Christian life, and the very beginning of your wonderful relationship, we all understand what’s involved with salvation, but how do you witness to those you know and love without being militant about it?

Take a walk with a loved one, down the Romans road.

At it’s simplest the Romans road is group of bible verses found in Romans that explain the path on how to achieve salvation. It’s a great witnessing tool, and as with most walks, is better done with someone else. Lets go through each of the verses, and explore how we can become more effective in witnessing, without being a “Bible Basher.”

Step 1 – Romans 3:23 – ‘For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.’

The first step on traversing the Romans road is one of the most important. It’s all about acknowledging that we all have sinned. Every single one of us, and that there is nothing that normally makes us acceptable to God. Accept of course for the salvation of Jesus Christ [but this is covered in another step]. Sin by it’s very nature is repulsive to God. He hates it. It is a mockery of everything he established at the foundation of the earth, and as such, anything with scent of sin on it can’t be admitted into heaven, the only sin free place in the created universe.

Practical Witnessing Tip – Obviously approaching anyone and telling them out right that they are sinners, and that they’re going to hell isn’t going to help your cause. The person you are witnessing to will close up, turn their back on you, and possible even get aggressive. The best way to approach this is to make it known that you too have sinned, that you still sin, and that you aren’t any greater than them, because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but you have assurance that you have been forgiven and found pleasing in God’s sight. Also probably a good place to point out that God loves them, he just doesn’t love their or your own sin.

Step 2 – Romans 6:23a – ‘…for the wages of sin are death’

When we’re born into this world we are born into sin nature. We are under it’s rule. And until we accept Jesus into our life, we are subject to it, and had no way out. We are born as employees to sin. Everyday without Christ we outwork sins purposes and whims. Our sin nature and the voice of the enemy tries to compel us to do things that may feel rewarding and fun, but is only being rewarded with a big fat paycheck of eternal separation from Christ. Death. It’s important to note that this death isn’t our physical death, which we all must face, but spiritual. Our eternal life. And while we work under sins law, there’s only one place we can go. And it ain’t heaven.

Practical Witnessing Tip – The best way of approaching this is by letting the person you are witnessing to know that our sin nature, which we were born into, and had no choice about is actively trying to separate us from God. And that if you hadn’t asked God to come into your life, and were to have died, you too would end up in hell. No if’s, buts, or maybes. It’s black and white. This is a great place to share your heart, and let them know that it would hurt you to see them not make a decision for Christ and end up in a place that the bible describes as The Lake Of Fire where all the lost people will be in torment together. This is a great place to also point out that this lake, Hell, was never created for us, but for the judged angels. And that Satan won’t be ruler down there. He too will be judged and punished, and that he is all too aware that he faces eternal torment, and that he wants nothing more than to bring as many down with him as possible to stick it to God, because it is His desire that none of us perish and end up there. It breaks His heart!

Step 3 – Romans 6:23b – ‘…but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord’

This is the best part. This our happy ever after. God, not wanting to see any of us separated from Him, made a way out of it for us. He sent His only son, who he loved to die for us. In actual fact Jesus became sin, became everything His father hated and had to go to hell. God had no choice. Sin has to go to hell, and as Sin, every sin we have or will commit, the only place for him was hell. But as our sin, he died that death for us so that we wouldn’t have to, and made a way for us through Him, to heaven.

Practical Witnessing Tip – Just go through the story above, the ultimate love story. And at our core, whether we admit it or not, we all love a good love story! Plus this has a happy ending. While in hell Jesus took the keys to life and death, and opened Heaven up to all of us who weren’t his original chosen people!

Read Part Two Right HERE!

I really hope that together these practical steps help you.

Be Blessed

-The Kid

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