Faith In Action – Where Ever You Are


I know I keep switching back and forward between the places that I work or worked, but it doesn’t matter what we do, Faith can be in Action.

In my Taxi driving, I was to meet a lady Lesley from a town in the north of our state. Lesley son Jo  was flown to the city hospital, because Jo had nearly lost an arm in a work accident. Jo was only 19 years old and an apprentice. The arm Lesley said “looked like it had been saved”. Lesley had to fly home on the weekend as she had smaller children to look after as well.

Lesley had a sister who lived here in the city, who could look in on her son,  but she was still quite worried about leaving Jo. I gave out our ministry card, “If It matter to you, it matters to Him” and Lesley was very accepting of it, and said “She did believe in God and this was a great encouragement to her and her son Jo. She was also concerned  about the time it would take Jo to get his arm fully working again, We had a quick prayer and that bought some calmness to her.

Later that night I was to meet Beth from the UK, she was on a holiday with her husband Jack. Jack had suffered heart problems and had ended up in hospital. I got to share with Beth and heard about her faith, I gave out our card again. Just looking at Beth as she looked at the card, showed how grateful she was. Beth thanked me and said ” it was great to get encouragement, that was needed this far from Home.

Be an encourager, be willing to share your faith when ever you can. It will always become encouragement back to you.

If you haven’t read our great post by The Kid, on authority, enjoy the read and also use the authority you have been given, in sharing and witnessing for Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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