Let Ourselves Hear

Poor listening habits prevent our spiritual growth.

Matthew 13 Verse 9: “Anyone who has ear should listen”. Chapter 9 of Matthew starts with the parable of the sower. Jesus later explained this parable as describing how different people hear and respond to the truth of God. Only the person who really hears and response will have an abundant harvest.

1. The wayside hearer of God’s Word: They refuse to let God’s Word penetrate their heart and produce the desired effect.

2.The rocky ground hearer: They only let God’s Word enter their hearts only in a superficial way.

3.The carers of problems around them hearers: The cares of the world choke out the Word of God, and cause them to be unfruitful.

4. The hearers and responders: Let the Word of God, be planted in their lives, and they let His Word germinate in their heart and grow and produce a harvest.How we allow ourselves to hear the Word of God will determine the extent of our Christian growth.

The evils of the world around wants to stop our spiritual growth, in order to repel this, we must let the Word of Our Lord and Our Friend, penetrate deeply into our hearts.

God Bless


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