Faith In Action ‘The Knowing’

Because of Who God is  and what of what God has done.for us through Christ Jesus we need to respond. How do we respond.

We have become Kingdom people, and apart of our new identity we have been given new values. God standards that are often different from the standard of people around us.

God’s standards should not be optional. We have a privilege of living by His standards and knowing by living them, His plans and purposes for our lives become easier for us.

In the Book of First Peter, Peter urges believers to:

Live is Kingdom people, getting rid of everything that is contrary Our King’s  love and His truth.

Live in anticipation of Christ’s return. alert, confident and self-controlled.

Live in awesome respectfulness, of a Holy God Who created us and redeemed us.

Love our fellow believers uncompromisingly, with a pure and genuine love because we have been redeemed by the precious blood of Christ Jesus. 

Be dependent, like a baby, be hungry for God’s Word, searching and gleaning for all the helps we need.

As Believers we need to be honoring Our Lord and Our Friend, as a joy and a responsibility, to live in this world so that we reflect His glory. A glory that is beyond measure in the things of this world.

Let us trust Our Awesome God, and reflect, honor Him in all we do.

Let us be followers who display this honor of responsibility.

God Bless


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