Embraced By Awesomeness

Life has become so complex, I think we make it complex.

If we were to turn to our bibles and read Ecclesiastes.

Ecclesiastes 1 verse 7 Solomon (King Solomon) one of the richest and wisest kings from history is reflecting  “Is life worth living, everything is futile

If we take a reflection of what Ecclesiastes is about, his message is apart from God, life is full of weariness and disappointments.

Most of the people who I was watching that afternoon, would have known little about God, and in their little corner of the world were trapped in the weariness and disappointments of life or were happy in what life had dealt them.

Ecclesiastes is a dramatic autobiography of Solomon’s experience and reflections while he was out of friendship with God.

The problem that faced Solomon in his reflecting was how he could find happiness and satisfaction apart from God (Eccl 1 verses 1 to 3)

We will teach on Ecclesiastes another time, but we believe Ecclesiastes is a good place to start reflecting on our life and situations around us.

We can also look back at the past and reflect on the life of prominent people of faith. One such couple George and Mary Muller. Their story is amazing, they started children’s homes, when there were lots of homeless children, the children would either remain homeless or were sent to factories to work under awful conditions.

The fruits of their ministry are still evident today. People have said of George Muller, that in today’s economy $18 million passed through his hands and he didn’t keep any for himself.

They trusted God through hard and tough times and came through. They would have had many reflective moments where they would have doubted themselves, but like Solomon, I believe the answer they would have found was with God who they dedicated their work to. They would have also found that everything done without Him is futile.

So with the thought of refection we at this ministry would believe, that if we do not reflect Jesus and all He has done for us through the cross, through Redemption, through the shedding of His Blood (dying on the cross), through His Grace, that He freely gives to those that accept, we would have failed.

This ministry is to reflect, Our Lord and Our Friend, and help us all to truly come to know Him in a deep way, to help us all on our way to maturity in Christ Jesus as we grow together.

It is in Jesus we live and have our being.

We ask you to reflect on this get into your bibles and find Him and what a wonderful Savior He is.

God bless


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