Insights Into ‘2nd Thessalonians ‘


Paul writes to correct a misunderstanding concerning the Lord’s return and to exhort the Thessalonians believers to be steadfast and to work for a living.

Thessalonica is a city where idol worship of Greek and Roman gods is central to the culture. If a person plants a crop, they make an offering to a god for a successful harvest. If their daughter gets married, they make a significant offering to a different god. Idolatry is the way of life.

The Thessalonians are being persecuted. The believers are not participating, and the forces of darkness are raising up resistance to the kingdom of light. Even under this persecution, they are patiently persevering.

Only God’s Spirit would empower them to respond so graciously in such hard circumstances. Paul is prompted to write to them by the Lord. to encourage them.

Paul assures the believers there, that Jesus is going to return and judge the world, and will fix what is broken. There is a rumor circulating that Jesus has already returned or is to return very soon. Paul assures the believers that there are several events that must take place before this happens.

Paul encourages the believers to stand Firm in the Truth that he taught them. Paul wants them to know that God has chosen them and that he is working in their lives through His Spirit. He will give them the grace to stand against anything they face.

The most beautiful thing for them and us all to understand, is The God who chooses us is the One who grows and changes us, and will be with us no matter what we go through.

All we have to do is stay close to His Goodness along the way, that is right where he has always wanted us to be.
God Bless.


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