Weekend Inspiration



This chapter is an amazing account of the love poured into the followers of God’s plans and his love for his people over forty years. They were blessed from Mount Sinai as he taught of good laws and commandments from Heaven itself. They were not abandoned by him but were reminded of his forgiveness and readiness to pardon graciously with mercy and slow to anger. He maintained his love with much mercy. Nehemiah’s people were advised not to weep with sobs but to eat and celebrate and provide for those in need. He reminded, ‘For the joy of the Lord is your strength. You need not be dejected and sad or weep, for this is the day of HOLY JOY! So the people celebrated. They lacked no problems with God in control of awesome provision. Their clothes did not wear out nor did their feet become swollen and this was over a period of forty years. What unlimited love, mercy and encouragement God shared with his people.

So, whatever experiences you are enduring in hardship or familial pain and loss, remember what he did for forty years with Nehemiah’s people in faith and forgiveness, mercy and loving despite their doubting hearts. Carry in your hearts the expanse of love God has for you, his patience and joy with consistent and caring understanding.


Be Blessed


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