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Second part of Lorraine’s article ‘Broken Covenant’

The key, in my opinion, is the renewal of consolidating family relationships. These are subtly unraveling, strength of morals descend into acceptability of comparisons to what others take for granted as the right roads to take. Second or third marriages occur, children spend so called quality time between original parents and step-families who may have opposing views so that confusion and disorder enter the situation.

The children may experience inconsistency of an emotional input, the parents might react over a control issue and take it out on the children. Or, Grandparents get involved, to provide nurturing but are warned not to state their advice but follow instructions given. They are told not to preach to them of their beliefs especially religious ones. Therefore, varying aspects of today’s society are a division of moral teaching that insidiously have an effect of ‘breaking down the covenant of God.’ Would you agree?

The breakdown in society in reflects a lack of morality and respect. The ‘anything goes’ code, the mental illnesses of addictions and the callousness of people orientated crimes with violence, are on the increase. The ancient sinning of the people of Israel, who ‘broke the everlasting Covenant’, is surely here amongst us again.

Choices, changes and challenges need to be made, will you decide to reinstate this ‘spoken word of God?’ Will you act or flee? Disregard or deliver?

The Best is to Reinstate God’s Covenant and Be Blessed

Be Blessed


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