Insights Into Book Of ‘Ruth’


Ruth is a Moabite woman, who proves to be a model of faithfulness, in a nation that was not hers, during the period of the Judges.

During the dark days in the time of Judges, God allowed a famine to come over the Promised Land. One family in a bold statement leaves the Promised Land. By doing so, they renounce their family’s claim on the part of the land that they have been given.They abandon their portion of God’s promise.

They settle in Moab. One of the family’s two sons marries a Moab woman {Ruth}. During the next ten years, all of the men in the family die, leaving three widows. Widows who had no way of making a living.

Naomi who is Ruth mother-in-law wants to return to the Promised Land, but she wants and begs Ruth to stay in her homeland. Ruth turns her back on her heritage and her family’s gods and turns to the God of Israel.

A rare story indeed, while God’s people are abandoning Him, Ruth confesses to have faith in Him.

Once in the Promised Land, Ruth does any work she can get. She works in a grain field to collect food for herself and her mother-in-law {Naomi}.

Hard work is always rewarded. With Ruth’s faithful and dedicated work, she catches the eye of the honorable older owner of the field, Boaz. God is a God of great love for His people, and this becomes another great love story. Boaz is in a special position not only to marry Ruth but to restore her family’s part of the Promised Land.

Boaz finds a faithful wife. Ruth finds strong protection in her husband. Naomi’s family is redeemed. Our God who longs to bring His people back to Himself and writes Boaz and Ruth’s son into the family line of King David and of His very own Son Jesus.

A love story, written from the heart of God. The good hearted God satisfies deep longings, He redeems families and continues His rescue plan, for all those who will accept. {John 3 verse 16: God So loved that He gave}

God Bless.


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