The Broken Covenant



In Isaiah, chapters twenty-four to twenty-five, we are challenged by God’s warning words of his intended devastation of earth. He indicates that the inhabitants would be scattered and ruined, plundered, dried up like a withered vine by guilt, defiled by disobedience of the laws, of violating the statues and having broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore, a curse will consume the earth and the peoples must bear their guilt. ‘The Lord has spoken this word.’

Perhaps the same warning applies on today’s earth? As his chosen ones it is his grace we must call upon for his forgiving presence. His anger and rebuking of his people changed into offering his refuge, his love with a promised, guaranteed reprieve, a new beginning and the removal of their sin in absolute restoration. His mercy gave them a second chance.

Today’s world, with its violent deaths, increasing crimes and violations of innocent victims seems on the increase. Fear and disrespect, lack of discipline, addictions that cause crimes from an uncontrollable rage and deaths from terrorism splatter our daily news. Children suffer trauma with emotional damage, young ones are lost to street drugs until it surely seems ‘God is laying waste to the earth.’ At times, the aged of society become insignificant and unimportant and suffer the consequences. Caring and compassion are less and less prevalent somehow. To my observations, the Christian Churches need to make more outspoken challenges and denounce what is occurring in societal circles The Lord’s earth and its people need to take action and re-action to the downward spirals of life by taking a stand against ‘the curses that consume’ and ‘break God’s covenant, and begin a crusade to restore the laws of God and to destroy the forces of increasing wrongful deeds.

There is a lot to take in, we have broken Lorraines article into Two. the final part of this article by Lorraine will be in our ‘Weekend Inspiration’ article this week.

Be Blessed.



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