Weekend Inspiration



As sun rays surrender to the evening stars,

clouds merge with pale moon to swallow the

sinking sun,

a hush of peace, a quiet wind breath falls

at loss of day – calling the earth to prepare

another day.

The regrets of today hesitant to linger

yet mingle in the seeking of universal meanings

to life and existence.

In silent wrestling of mind and heart,

we plan, we hope, for another way

to solve the hunger for answers

of an unknown tomorrow day.

Breathe in-breathe out to consider,

the puzzling fragments of his ways.

The soft breezes of the night

whispers across your ears,

‘Be sure to stay true to me,

weigh your spirit toward

truth and trust, avoid uncaring,

wrongdoing , or seeking life’s sin.’

Turn away from unlawful acts

and live with an honest heart.

And therefore dark hours will be released

from your spirit for God to live

within and impact

with such love

never will it be ceased.

Be Blessed


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