Insights Into Book Of ‘Ezra’


Continuation of our Insights Series’ Ezra.

A remnant of the Israelites who had been exiled to Babylonia, return to Judah and Jerusalem to rebuild the temple under God’s direction.

God a mover of people hearts, prompts the king Cyrus of Persia, who was a superpower at that time. to change his heart and let God’ people return home to Judah to rebuild the temple. By now the people had been exiled 70 years.

Ezra writes about two groups of people who return to the promise land. Though there are millions of God’s people living in exile in Babylon, only about 50 thousand return in two groups of a distance of 900 miles. The number is small considering, but their God is big.

When the first group return, there is happiness and sadness in the celebration as the lay the foundations of the new temple.They are rebuilding the temple but it is a far cry from the temple Solomon built. Through hardships and obstacles over decades, Zerubbabel overseas the temple reconstruction and reinstates the celebrations of God’s feats.

The people are in need of spiritual instruction, so God stir the heart of Ezra to teach Gods’ law. Even after the temple was completed, Ezra leads a second wave of God’s people, back to the the promised land. t was only a small group of about 1500 men, plus women and children. These people too needed to be encouraged to turn their hearts back to God.

Despite the turmoil of His people history, God is always a God of His promises, and still has His sights on one goal. The promise of Protector and will bring His people back to Him.

God promises are true, no how far we have gone from Him. He loves us so much and wants us back.

God Bless.


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