Choice Well



In this chapter the question was asked,’ How was the wood of a vine better than a branch on a tree. Is wood ever taken to make anything useful from the forest? And after thrown on the fire for fuel, burnt at both ends and charred in the middle? If not useful, when it was whole, how much less useful when burned and charred halfway?’ The Lord answered that as he had given fuel for the fire so will he treat the people living in Jerusalem and set his face against them and you will know that ‘I am the Lord.’

Here we are being asked how useful are we as Christians to the Lord? Do we allow ourselves to burn both ends but stay charred in the middle? If, after trials of fire we emerge as useful vessels or still be consumed by fire only on the ends. Will God have to put up with us where the land is desolate due to our unfaithfulness? The Lord provides the fuel but he also shows us that he does nothing without cause in life and he will console us in disasters in our faithfulness. Are we useless to him or are we faithful? The wood vine, or the tree branch in the forest of his love? Will our lives burn for him or be charred in the middle? Your choice?


Be Blessed


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