Weekend Inspiration


This ‘Weekend Inspiration’ again comes from Ruth, who is Old Fellow John Cousin, Ruth was brought up in  a cult. Ruth left the cult only to be shunned by close members of the family, but Ruth now has new family made of of all her brother and sister in Christ. Ruth life, like us all, has had it challenges, but we are sure everyone can see, the transformation in Ruth life, in her poems, which comes through her decision to follow Christ Jesus as Her Lord, Her Redeemer and Her Friend.

Ruth has become an inspiration in and to this ministry, if anyone has had troubles in and with cults, you are welcome to write to Cousin Ruth at our site. Ruth will only to willing to help where she can, and the ministry will consider it an honor to stand with anyone in prayer, who has a cult problem.

Cousin Ruth Poem:
” Your Refuge”

Oh Dear, I Jesus I rejoice in you

From all bondage I’ve been freed

You are my refuge,

My Tower My strength in times of need.
You’ve set me free from sin and death

No more do I live in fear and dread

Because you sacrificed your life for me

I’m free of the curse that saw me dead
With your mercy you’ve seen me struggle

And you’ve always brought me through

So I could grow to a greater understanding

And an awareness and a sensitivity to you
You’re such an awe inspiring

God When all else has failed in my life

You’ve shown so many miracles

To take away pain and strife
I put my trust in you,

Dear Jesus As you guide me from Day to Day

I know that you have great plans for my life

And for that, Lord I will not delay

Cousin Ruth, Now A Child Of The King

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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