Sunday Encouragement


If this your day for rest like us all you still need encouragement. Be encouraged today by this wonderful Truth from1 Corinthians 15 Verse 55:

1 Corinthians 15 verse 55:
‘O Death, where is your victory? O Death, where is your sting?’:

In Christ Jesus, there is no fear of death, because He is the resurrection of life, and through repentance and acceptance, He give us new life with Him, eternal life with Him.

The next verse 56, tells us: ‘Now the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law”.

Most people don’t like the word ‘sin’, but to simply explain it it is simply missing ‘The Mark’, we were all created for. So some people instead of trying to live the life, God has set for us, shift ‘the Mark’ downwards and make excuses ‘the Mark’ was unreasonable.

When we accept we are created for a purpose, and that purpose is to walk in fellowship, with the God that created us. We were created to live in fellowship with Our Creator God, but when He created us, he gave us free will. Free will, gives us choices for right or wrong, wrong choices {which we all have made} caused us to fall short of the ‘Mark’, Our Creator God had for us, this is what is called ‘sin’.

We can never make our choices right, by anything we do, but Christ Jesus paid the ‘Price’ for this by His death and resurrection. John 3 verse 16: gives us a choice to accept this, and by repentance and acceptance, we will be able to achieve what we were created for to walk in fellowship, with Our Creator.

So death has no ‘sting’ once we make that choice. i Corinthians 15 verse 57, we can boldly now say: “But thanks be to God, who gave us victory through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Walking in fellowship with Him, is the most wonderful thing anyone can ever do, and even in death we have victory, because we have eternal life in Him.

Be Blessed Today And everyday,

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