Insights From Book Of ‘Malachi’

malachi 1

The Prophet Malachi assured the community of God’s people, that The Messiah King will come not only to judge his people but also to bless and restore them.

Nearly a century has passed since God sent Haggai and Zechariah to inspire His people. And they listened, the temple has been rebuilt and they were worshiping God there.

But none of the promises that God made through those two prophet had come to pass. In fact it seemed the opposite. They were in a province of Persia, which was miles away from there own nation. Their crops are not growing, wine making wasn’t good.

And worst of all, God’s manifest does not seem to be with them. This was a parture from what it was like in Solomon’s times.

So they asked God, like many people do these days. ‘Do You love us?’ Though His messenger Malachi God assured them He does. Just like these days God through His Word assures us “HE Does”.

But it was clear the actions of the people, they don’t love Him. The priests did not teach the law. They defiled God’s temple, to bring blind and sick animals as offerings.They did not give with a free heart.

God’s message through Malachi was clear sorrowful. God had always loved them, but they did not love Him back.

Despite the people bad attitude, towards God. God has made a future full of promises God tells His people of a messenger who is coming to judge with fire. All the evil, like waste will be burn up, but for the righteous.

The Messiah is still coming, {In the Book of Malachi}. God is still continue to press forward in the rescue of His people.

God love for them and us, is obvious, if only we call on Him and believe in Him more, God’s love for us infinite.

Malachi is God telling them and us we are loved by Him, but love is a two way street, how much do we love Him back.

God Bless.


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