Gaining Peace From Assurance

ne creation


The non-Christian scoffs and doubts and denies while turning a deaf ear to the wisdom of God. They challenge our way of life, our trust in an invisible spirit of faith that we fight to reinforce. Do they think that the believer does not suffer, experience rejection, loss and pain, endure turmoil and tragedy, have broken lives and deep loneliness? We fail, we cry, we hurt but TRUST our Lord with every vein of our hearts. We seek release in knowing God is with us, his purpose and love is nurturing and fills us with hope. The outcome may not be the one we prayed for and not even acceptable. There may be the constant call of, ‘But why, but why Lord?’ and there is silence and no answer. Not yet! We cling to the cross he hung from in agony and know he feels our pain.

Stem the flow of bleeding pain,

that leaks from heartaches that stain

the threads of sorrowing songs to sow

and scatter his word in seeds of love to flow.

Weeping sighs we do breathe but in trust,

thus breathed out in belief in holy spirit dust.

We, as Christians, go through suffering times as often as do non-Christians, perhaps more so but we chose faith in our Lord, we chose the power of his peace, we chose to trust his presence and to receive his love, we chose to believe that no matter what happens in life for us, to the God of creation we are his priority under his awesome wings of love. We are his perfume from his garden of love where he plants courage, growth, leaves of faith and roots of power and peace and seeds of reassurance.



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