Faith In Action ‘Trust’


In John 14 verse 1: We read: “Your heart must not be troubled. Believe in God”.

Our actions are not for self satisfaction, they are our response to His love for us.

Jesus spoke this scripture verse leading up to His crucifixion.

Jesus had just washed the disciples feet: John 12 verses 1 to 10;

One of His disciples Judas’s betrayal was predicted: John 13 verse 21 to 30:

Jesus gives us a New Commandment: John 13 verse 34:

Cleansing, Betrayal, Newness. Betrayal seems the odd word out here. Many people follow Jesus for the wrong reasons and when they find out. they are not getting what they want from following, they leave dishearten, and even committing some kind of betrayal to their original actions of following Him.

Jesus was meeting His disciples for the final time before His crucifixion. How could this be His disciples must have thought? Great things happened around Jesus, they were enjoying their time following Him, but trouble lay ahead.

Jesus knew what lay ahead for Him, and His disciples, but He still stated: “Your heart must not be troubled”. It is important to see the context, because, Our Lord and Our Friend was telling them He would be leaving them, and there were some dark times ahead, for Himself and His followers.

Some translations put it this way: “Let not your heart be troubled”. Life as the disciples knew it was about to change for all time,

Sometimes we all come to a cross road in our own lives. Speaking for my family  it was a difficult year last year, my wife was diagnosed with cancer, our lives had seem to come to a halt, with the evidence looking serious. The only place where we could and would turn, was to take the situation to Our Lord and Our Friend, We have had many uplifting times,and a lot of difficult times, during the treatment my wife is going through.

So we know what it is to have a troubled heart, but we also know the Love that Our Lord and Our Friend, has for us all, because of what He suffered on the Cross to give us new hope.

Faith in all situations is an action, an action to trust, and take hold of the Words of Our Lord and Our Friend, and sometimes those actions are more easily said, than put into actions.

Trust involves Faith and as His Word put it: Hebrews 11 verse 1: “Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for the proof of what is not seen”.

Trust and Faith takes hold of Our Lord and Our Friend’s Words, “Your heart must not be troubled”.

Faith Is an action, which is unworkable without real trust, in The God who loved us, and die for us, and rose again, to show us there is nothing we can go through that should trouble our hearts, once we accept Him as Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless,





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