Weekend Inspiration


We thank Collen that she has made available to us, some of her poems, so we can use, in our ‘Inspiration’ articles. So here is her poem: “Give Me Back My Stuff”

Give Me Back My Stuff.

God says, via a preacher, ‘Give Me back my stuff’.

I thought, ‘What? All our stuff? That’s a bit rough.’

‘For me to do that would be so tough’.


My life has been full of strife as I kept

Sending prayers on wings

Above So many things,

My Heartaches, sorrows, pain, burdens, I wept.


I hear you Lord, I have held stuff back,

Didn’t let go enough but held it in a sack,

Loaded and wearied, repeats our weighted down from town to town.

Keeping my ‘stuff’, giving it a go,

Trying to love through all the wrongs so,


‘Yes, All of it’, Repeats our God, of seeds we sow.

Release and release it every day, in every week

It is not your way to say how your life or your kin’s

Is mapped out by me, inside their skin,


Intricate and planned as I mean’t it to be.

Hold it not from Me, Return ‘My stuff’ and see

The Truth unfold, thru’ The Father and Me,

How The Holy Spirit awesomely sets you free.


Hear Me, says God, Remove your hands from

‘My Stuff’, Let Me overcome for thee,

Keep none my child, within your heart.

Let go of ‘My Stuff’ and give it back to me,


Keep not one grain but give Me every part,

Just let it all go and let it be.

Love but let go, leave it as so.

Take back nothing of woe,

No matter how tough,

Just give me back ‘My Stuff’.


Be Blessed


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