Not Just A Bible Character ‘Matthew’


Matthew one of the twelve disciples. It is not certain when Matthew was called, but is is, but it is probable that the first six disciples were present on that day, since the Pharisees complained to Jesus’ disciples during Matthew’s feast. Unlike the first men Jesus called, Matthew was not originally a follower of John The Baptist.

Matthew was probably surprised when Jesus asked him to be one of His disciples. Matthew was a tax collector. even though he was rich, most religious people did not like him. The Reason, because he worked for the Roman government. Matthew said yes to Jesus right away. Later Matthew wrote the first book about Jesus, ‘The Gospel according to Matthew’.

Matthew had many strengths and achievements in his life.

Was one of the twelve Apostles.

Was quick to respond to Jesus’ calling.

Readily invited many friends to his home to meet Jesus.

Complied the Gospel of Matthew, which clarified Jesus’ fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecies.

We can take many inspiring lessons from Matthew life. Jesus calls people from all level of society. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do Jesus is calling.

Matthew was given a new life, but his old skill at keeping records help him keep account to write the Gospel of Matthew. Our Lord and Our Friend gives us all new life, but the skill, the trades can be transformed to be use for the Kingdom Of God.

Matthew displayed he was never ashamed of his new calling and when and told his friends.

God give give us all new lives, new meaning, new purpose and new destiny.

A verse live by: Matthew 6 verse 14

“For if you forgive people their wrong doing {against yourself} Your heavenly Father will forgive you as well”.

Be inspired by Matthew and read about him in the Gospel by the same name:and in Acts 1 verse 13.

God Bless.

O F J.

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