Faith In Action ‘Encouragement From Colossians’


Many people today are looking to religions and cults, for the mysteries of so called ‘inside knowledge’, and the search extends to all sorts of beliefs, to try to satisfy spiritual longings.

The Colossians were an ‘ordinary’ community faced with these pressures. Colossae was an insignificant town in the valley of Lycus in Asia Minor, which today is modern day Turkey.

Colossae without question was the least important church, even to recieve a letter from The Apostle Paul. Why did Paul write to them, because he believed the foundations of their faith was under attack.

There might be a case where our fellowship we are in, seems to be insignificant, but to Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, we are never insignificant to Him. His love is beyond description, and He has told us, that He will never leve us or forsake us. Hebrew 133 verse 5:

So we somehow think, The Holy Spirit prompted Paul to write his letter of encouragement, because of the news he was receiving about Colossae. News of a dangerous heresy which threatened not only the Colossian Christians, but even the Christian message itself.

The heart of Paul’s response, reaction was to come against the teaching that didn’t believe, that did not believe that Christ Jesus was the Center of Faith, nor that He was God’s Only Son who has achieved Salvation, for all, any whosoever who will believe.

This false teaching was saying, that Jesus was one of many divine beings who brought salvation to mankind.Paul’s writing were very clear, he would have none of that. Christ Jesus is not one of many Gods, He is the One and only, All in All, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This is the theme of his letter to this fellowship in Colossae. The heart of this letter is To Know and To Know and have the Assurance of Jesus is The Christ and He has given so much for us, so we can have newness of life.

To Know and To Know: The Supremacy Of Jesus Christ, Alone. Colossians 1 verse 15 to Colossians 2 verse 10:

To Know and To Know: The New Life that comes from Jesus Christ Alone, Colossians 3 verse 1 to Colossians 4 verse 6:

To know and To Know, Him and To Know and To know, how much He really loves us, despite how we feel, despite what we are going through and despite any circumstances we may be under.

Acts 17 verse 28: To Know and To Know: ‘That In Christ Jesus, we live and exist and have our being:

Be encouraged that In Christ, we have all we will ever need.

God Bless.


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