The Valleys Of Life


I have just come out of hospital, after major surgery, for something that I thought I would never get, as a man breast cancer. It has only been just over a month since my beloved wife Anne passed away from, pancreatic cancer. I was confused and even to the point of being dismayed. I searched the scriptures, and it was in Habakkuk, I found a great sense of peace, and the closeness of My Lord and My Friend.

Habakkuk was about when things don’t sense. Habakkuk’s  cry was ‘How long Lord’. how long Lord will you let these things that don’t make sense go on.

Habakkuk was a man with Problems.

Much of the book of Habakkuk is is more like private conversation with God.

God’s sense of timing is different from ours, He always hears our prayer, but that does not mean things will always happen when or even how we expect. We must learn to rejoice in God for Who He is {All Mighty}, and not because He makes us happy or solves our problems.

Habakkuk concludes his book, by thinking about the great things God has done in the past. Habakkuk’s faith wins out  over his fear. Even in the face of all His problems around his life, he will still rejoice in His God.

So from my stay in hospital and the treatment that lies ahead, I have found, that faith in My Lord and My Friend, wins out. I met many wonderful people in hospital, including a nurse who I believed was causing me more grief. When I was giving the choice to go home, I told her she was a reason to stay and a reason to go. She only had my best intentions in mind, when she suggested other procedures I didn’t like, that why I wanted to go, but she was a marvelous nurse, and she made you feel special, and a reason why I could have stayed.

I have to go back to see my surgeon again this week, and there is more I love to do, in writing from home. Habakkuk also tells us the ‘righteous shall live by faith’. We are never righteous in our own eyes, but it is what Our Lord and Our Friend has done that make us righteous, so none can boast.

Perhaps there are people out there, who can relate to circumstance that don’t make sense. Wondering how long Lord will these situations go on. God is eternal, and He doesn’t live in, or operate in our understanding of timing. We have been Justified by Faith in accepting what Our Lord and Our Friend has done for us. God see us through Christ Jesus. and It is through Him, we live and have our life. The experience of that reality, is what we need to live in, which is the transforming experience God is calling us all to Go through.

Sometimes we might not like what happens to us, But what I have learnt is, Lord I trust you, and look forward to how these circumstances will be used, as God way of transforming me more into, who He wants me to be.

When difficult times comes, it is wonderfully amazing, to know the assurances we have in Him.

God Bless.


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