My Beloved Is Mine And I am His


In our Christian walk, and life, one verse in particular from Song of Songs, should give us wonderful Assurance. 2 verse 16:
“My Beloved is mine, and I am His”.

Referring to us belonging to Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, and our acceptance of Him as All we need.

Song of Songs is also referred to as Song of Solomon. It is a collection of love songs, a celebration of spontaneous and natural love. it has also been called the Christian’s love song and is one of the shortest books in the Old testament. No biblical text .has produced more controversy, throughout the history of interpretation.

This is a song of love in marriage, in middle eastern language and imagery. The characters in the song are Solomon, the Shulamite maid and the daughters of Jerusalem.

The love of Solomon and the maid, illustrates the love between Jehovah and Hid people. This is seen in many passages of the Bible. The lover {Solomon} was a type of Christ, which is reflected in Ephesians 5 verses 25 to 33. The wonderful personal love of Christ is the greatest need of the of the church today. The love for His redeeming work and the knowledge of sin forgiven, because of the price He paid, out of His great love for us.

Song of Songs is a love poem, one of the most startling things in the Bible, eight chapters celebrating erotic, physical love. Many scholars have found this hard to deal with. Rabbis saw it as an allegory of God and His people, where as Christian writers see it as an allegory of the love between Christ and His church.

If we having a problem with this book, maybe the problem is not with the Song. but with us. The Bible has a lot to say about the bad side of love, about degradation, lust, and perversion. the Song is about celebration of what is good about physical love, affirming it’s spontaneity ,power and mystery.  the Song is about love – both physical and emotional. We should never be uncomfortable with the stories of Great love.

There are two observations that can arise out of song of Songs, the first it reminds us of the intensity of sexuality. It is no wonder that something so intense can become an obsession. It further underlines our need to discipline, our instincts and create a moral framework for there appropriate expression. Unbridled  sex is a Pandora’s, unleashing powerful and destructive forces.  The second it reminds us that sexuality can masquerade as spirituality. That is why may pagan religions, feature cult prostration, sex with the priest or priestess, was a way of achieving union with God.

So we should caution ourselves against allowing sex to become an idol. It also challenges our spirituality. our desire for God is rarely as intense, as our desire for a partner. This can be put down to the fall of mankind, for our partners are mortal and temporary, but Our God is eternal and everlasting. If we know Our Everlasting God more, as the scripture says

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things will be provided fro you.” {Matthew 6 v 33}

Read song of Songs as the great love that Christ has for His Church {His People} of which all those who have accepted His salvation are apart. It is a great love song to believers, read it and enjoy.

God Bless.

O F J.

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