Faith In Action ‘Dealing With Love And Lust’


There is a big difference between these two little words ‘Love and Lust’  Love is pure and from God. Lust is what the worldly system is turning love into. Again the greatest thing we can do, is to turn to the scriptures, because there is always something, we can learn about everything from them.

Back in Samuel Chapter 13: We find the story of the rape of Tamar. Men and woman in Biblical times had to deal with the same things, we today have to deal with. But they didn’t have to deal with the temptations, so readily available to us today, via TV. magazines and the internet, but sexual desire was certainly nothing new to them.

Amnon was a half-brother to David’s other siblings Absolom and Tamar. In the story Amnon, fell desperately in love with Tamar. Amnon was also driven by selfish desires, that had become uncontrollable desires. Amnon desired to have his half-sister Tamar.

In a culture at the time. half sibling relationships, could have been approved of, and Amnon could have sought her hand in marriage. Amnon’s uncontrollable desire forced Himself on Tamar, the love he could have offered her, turned into grubby lust. He was the first to realize the awful truth, as soon as he had used and abused Tamar.

The difference is that the lust which Amnon use to have Tamar, consumed and destroys. True love and the love displayed, by Our Creator God, and the love we are to reflect gives, pleases and encourages.

Amnon wanted Tamar, but not as a cherished wife. Instead he wanted her for what he could experience, but having gained it in the wrong way, He found the tasted bitter and repulsive. He allowed his desire for sex to get the better of Him, he was a sex addict. Like any other man, he had a choice to forsake lust and peruse love.

Amnon’s actions had also had a devastating effect on Tamar, and she was left desolate and devastated, something real love would never do. Chasing after lust always leads to destruction, broken lives and broken spirit are always left it it’s path.

Love and lust, the difference lust always brings brokenness in the long run, if not in the short term. Love always builds and lifts, and after all aren’t we all, apart of a better Kingdom, where Our Lord and Our Friend’s love embraces and builds our lives, let’s all be an example of that Kingdom.

God Bless.


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