Lost More Than A Parable


One of the most sort after things in society is acceptance. “If only this group of people would accept me”. People do some strange things to be accepted. While others make up testing and trying things, for people to do, so they will be accepted.

Luke 15 verse 9 and 10:

V9: “Rejoice with me, because I found the silver coin I lost”.

V10: “I tell you, in the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels over one sinner who repents”.

It is easy for us to read the parables and take the message for granted, but people who first heard them, must have been shocked. Jesus was saying that God actually searches for lost sinners!

Romans 3 verse 23:

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.

He is searching for all, but not all like the simply requirements that He asks us to do, to be accepted by Him. Recognizing that without Him, we have and will always fall short of the wonderful standard of living He has for our lives. Recognizing this is to say sorry {A deeper sorry -repentance for falling short} of the standard we were created for.

No wonder the religious people of the day were offended, for there was no place in their legalistic theology for a God like that. No wonder in the self-made society, most people live in today, people are offended. Offended that they have to simply humble themselves and be remorseful, that there is a better way God has fro all our lives. The lives we have made for ourselves, no matter how good we may think we are, we will always fall short of the standard, of walking and communing in His acceptance.

Perhaps most dismiss the story of Adam and Eve {Genesis 3 verse 8 and 9}. God sought out Adam and Eve, when they had sinned and hidden from Him.

Acceptance! Acceptance by the God that created us, is to acknowledge that we cannot do anything of ourselves to be accepted and right with Our Lord and Our Friend. We need to come His way, through the great love He has for all of us. John 3 verse 16:

God is like a Father, Who pities His wayward Children, just as the Prodigal Son. Luke 15 verse 11 to 31:

God is waiting for us, to come and accept the acceptance that is waiting for any ‘whosoever’ in the palace of Our King, where we receive acceptance and can boldly approach His Throne, at anytime. Hebrews 4 verse 16;

God Bless.


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