Weekend Inspiration


We thank our good friend of the ministry Lorraine, for use of another one of her wonderful poems. Lorraine sent this one to OFJ and his family on the loss of his wife. OFJ thought it was to good not to use as something that can inspire everybody. A Poem called ‘Every Tear And Every Fear’

Let every fear and every fear flow

for Jesus does know

of how the human heart is laid low

like fading petals from a rose.

He gathers each in a perfumed of love

holds you thigh from a sanctuary above,

Raise your eyes, lift up your face

of all sorrow, pain and hurt you feel,

he care, He shares, gently seeks to erase.

He knows, he knows, it is so real.

Like arrows that cut the soul,

as grief and wounded scar show.

his compassion will fill the holes so.

He knows, he knows, how much

his tender touch to you does grow, He does know, you know.

The Spirit, the presence of Him

from his arms to yours of the suffering where hope is dim.

Jesus knows and so his mercy pours.

Jesus knows,

Yes, He surely knows.

Lift it all up, drop by drop,

To bleed and flow, He knows.

His grace forever will show.

Through every tear and every fear

With His hand in yours, your in His,

He will give to you all that he is,

Of endless, precious, eternal love for all to bear,

He Knows—He Knows

Lorraine Szabo C

Be Blessed today and Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

Through every tear and every fear

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