Weekend Inspiration



It was written, those who, through God’s righteous creed,

received a faith of preciousness with grace, in peace through

a knowledge of him, carried in abundance to meet every need.

Joyously spreading what they knew with voices loud and true.


Many signs observed to others, even a donkey who spoke

from its mouth in the voice of a man, rebuked by the Lord.

Listening ears heard, ‘These men are a spring with no water to soak,

or mists driven by a storm.’ Thus, God’s word cut into hearts as a sword.


Followers and believers found God’s grace in truth and peace.

Releasing their sorrow, they felt such understanding love from above.

His gift of comfort changed lives forever and sins did cease,

mercy and healing enhanced much faith from his winds of love.


God’s gift of grace is sufficient to fill our spirits and strong.

God’s grace is honor, forgiveness, to nurture our souls,

unconditional love is given to keep us from doing wrong.

God’s grace means salvation, is our connection to him whole.


Be Blessed


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