Sunday Encouragement


If this is your day for rest you still need encouragement, Be encouraged today in how much God loves you. He loves you too much, not to have a plan and purpose fro your life.

Ephesians 5 verse 15 and 16:

V15 “Pay careful attention, to how you walk — not us unwise people but as wise –

V16 making the most of the time, because the days are evil.”

Consistency in the Christian life. Accepting Our Lord and Our Friend, we now become His, not in an over bearing way, but in love and commitment.

When people become Christians, they don’t at the same moment become nice. This always comes as something of a surprise. Conversion to Christ and His ways doesn’t automatically furnish a person with impeccable manners and suitable morals.

That is where the journey begins, so out of our love for Our Lord and Our Friend, we should be consistent in the giving of ourselves to growing in the purposes and the destiny He has for us all.

The Apostle Paul that wrote a lot of the New Testament which includes the Book of Ephesians is an example of our consistency. Paul lived in a fragmented world, but he himself wasn’t fragmented. Paul lived with clutter all around him, but he himself wasn’t cluttered. Paul’s way he uncluttered his life and unified the fragments was to focus on the essentials, and these essentials were God’s Word and prayer {communication with God}.

Let our consistency in our walk with Our Lord and Our Friend come from  knowing His Written Word and constant communication with Him through prayer.

And through being consistent in the things that relate to Him and our eternal destiny in Him, we will discover that:

“Faith is not about turning out ok. Faith is about being ok no matter how things turn out.

In being more consistent in our Faith, ask Our Lord and Our Friend to be Lord of our time, and we will be surprised how much more time we seem to have.

Consistency in Faith is a great testimony in our lives, which will lead to us being able to share the great Faith we have, in a God that loves us dearly.

Be Blessed Today and Everyday,

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