Revelation At A Glance



Revelation means ‘unveiling’ or ‘disclosure’. This is a book that reveals how the person, righteousness, and judgement of Jesus are going to be revealed in all of the fullness and power of God.

The overall purpose of Revelation is to encourage Christians. we all need to know that the Kingdom of God would overcome the kingdom of this world, and that all those who oppose God and oppress God’s children would be brought to justice.

The Author if The Apostle John. John is on Patmas, which was most likely a prison island. The apostle John wrote Revelation because he was told to. John got a vision from God and he wrote it down, like he was supposed to do.

Revelation is also perhaps the most misunderstood book in the Bible. Against a background of persecution that John was sent to Patmas, and he is granted a vision for these these tough times. ‘The Battle may be tough now,’ John says, ’ but I’ve see the ending, We Win.’

What else the book brings up, whatever different theories, that the strange details bring, the book is about God’s victory over evil.

The major theme is the eternality  and the sovereignty of God. The idea that God is outside time and sovereign over human history is encouraging, because we know that He is above the things on the earth that oppress us. God is holding all things together, and therefore, no matter how much it looks like evil is winning, that is not the reality.

in the end , when the age of fallen human being gives way to a new age of fully redeemed beings. God will restore the wonderful place He first made for us to live in, but was lost through the rebellion {sin} of Adam and Eve. It again will be a wonderful and beautiful and happy place, where those who have accepted His invitation, and who wants to live with Him forever.

Revelation is the only Book of Prophecy in the New Testament, and the only book that focuses so much and so heavily on the end times.

There is so much in Revelation to go through, to name most of them would be more than enough for one study. So we will list the Outlines of Revelation and over the coming weeks, we will give more attention to each of the subject listed.

!. Eternal hope.

2. Letters to the Churches.

3. Worship of the King.

4. The Lion and the Lamb.

5. The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse.

6. The Dramatic Pause.

7. The wrath of God.

8. The Day of The Lord.

9. The Messenger, the Message and The Meal.

10. The Two Witnesses and One Last Trumpet.

11. The Antichrist and The false Prophet.

12. The Protection and The Power of God.

13. Prelude to Destruction.

14.The Six Bowls.

!5. The Destruction of Babylon.

16. The End of Humanity as we Know it.

17. Worship

18. The Completion of God’s Promises.

19. New Heavens and Earth.

20. Paradise restored.

So you can see Revelation, is too much to do at a glance, we hope over the coming weeks we can learn together about the climax of the age, and The wonderful Return of Our Lord and Our Friend, who comes back for His own.

Be excited there is nothing to fear for those who have genuinely accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savour and Redeemer.

God Bless.

O F J.

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