Spectator Faith


It is easy to say you believe in anything, but what does it take, to become involved in what you believe. We can go to a game of football, and cheer on all we can, and get upset with a referee’s decision, because we really don’t understand the rules of a game we are following. A follower knows the the rules, and the consequences of breaking rules, a spectator is only their to watch and be entertained.

We can’t have spectator faith, we need to be a follower of Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, and get involved with what faith will do, and can achieve. In today’s culture, there seems to be a contradiction between faith and involvement in that faith. Well in Ezekiel’s day, there seemed to be the same problem. Ezekiel 33 verse 30 to 32:

Ezekiel must have had quite a following, because when it appeared that The Lord was about to reveal something through him, news of the event spread through the people. Ezekiel’s prophecies were like a performance, with his listeners hanging on every word.

Ezekiel’s prophecies were from The Lord, but the people seemed to be more interested in the performance of Ezekiel’s deliverance of them. Because mostly when the show was over, so was the people’s interest. Somehow to a  lot of people church has become like that, a great encouraging message has been delivered, along with wonderful worship, but  when it comes time to  go, nothing is really kept, from what they have heard. Some virtually went to church to be entertained,

Like Ezekiel prophecies, the people generally ignored the content of the message, only his presentation had received their attention. Spectator faith, it really not that different today.

Like in Ezekiel’s time, the people talked as if their lives were going to be changed, they were to exhibit genuine concern for others, but from day to day they lived for their own self.

Like in Ezekiel’s day, the problem, was not unlike the problem of our own time, where faith is more entertainment, then from a knowing commitment of the heart. People become spectators rather than players {committed followers}. Their concern is more with ‘what is the latest Word from the Lord? rather than. What are we going to do with The Word of God we have received.

The world system is built on being entertained, God’s system is based on being involved and committed, because, Our Lord and Our Friend, wants to be actively involved in our lives.

God Bless.


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